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Now my heart is blackened by sin and my soul devoured by evil. So, I walk where Tanya walked before me into the searing light which banishes all darkness.. surrendering my face and form to atoms of dust; seeking the true darkness of peace, the cool shadows of eternity and the unknown fate of nothingness.

Batman: Crimson Mist
↪ Written by Doug Moench
↪ Art by Kelley Jones; Malcolm Jones III




the study of evidence tending to substantiate the existence of, or the search for, creatures whose reported existence is unproved, as the Abominable Snowman or the Loch Ness monster. The discipline is traditionally viewed as a pseudoscience.

Etymology: from Greek kryptos, “hidden” + zoology; “study of animals”, literally, “study of hidden animals”.

[Vladimir Stankovic]

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